Welcome at FemmeGym


Do you find yourself having trouble setting foot into the gym?
Or have you maybe felt a little intimidated by the machos pumping weights and women who look like they’re just there for a party?
At FemmeGym, we want each woman to feel at home. Whether you’re an experienced exerciser, just occasionally exercise, or have never set foot on a treadmill before; we are the gym you’re looking for!

As part of our special focus on women, instead of lowering the bar for women to walk into a gym, we remove it entirely. We distinguish ourselves by giving our members big dose of personal attention, offering a varied and challenging selection of classes lead by our professional instructors. From Spinning to Step, and from Bootcamp to Zumba – we offer everything! In addition, our teachers give close fitness instruction, advise on injury prevention, and even coach our members about how to safely train during pregnancy. We also do extensive health checks, help you to develop a personal exercise plan, and make sure that you stay engaged and motivated!

But at FemmeGym there is still so much more! You can also check out nice workshops and network with other women, relax in the sauna, or enjoy a delicious cappuccino. In short – a crazy cool place for everyone!

For whom is FemmeGym?
We are there for every woman. FemmeGym is “a woman’s work,” which also means that there are only women who work here.

A summary of what FemmeGym offers:
-Fitness & eGym
-80+ Classes a week
-Free lockers and showers
-Free Wifi
-Personal attention
-Flexible membership plans

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