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Every Body has a story, let’s create yours!

About us

Do you find yourself having trouble setting foot into the gym?
Or have you maybe felt a little intimidated by the machos pumping weights and women who look like they’re just there for a party?
At FemmeGym, we want each woman to feel at home. Whether you’re an experienced exerciser, just occasionally exercise, or have never set foot on a treadmill before; we are the gym you’re looking for!

As part of our special focus on women, instead of lowering the bar for women to walk into a gym, we remove it entirely. We distinguish ourselves by giving our members big dose of personal attention, offering a varied and challenging selection of classes lead by our professional instructors. From Spinning to Step, and from Bootcamp to Zumba – we offer everything! In addition, our teachers give close fitness instruction, advise on injury prevention, and even coach our members about how to safely train during pregnancy. We also do extensive health checks, help you to develop a personal exercise plan, and make sure that you stay engaged and motivated!

But at FemmeGym there is still so much more! You can also check out nice workshops and network with other women, relax in the sauna, or enjoy a delicious cappuccino. In short – a crazy cool place for everyone!

For whom is FemmeGym?
We are there for every woman. FemmeGym is “a woman’s work,” which also means that there are only women who work here.

A summary of what FemmeGym offers:
-Fitness, eGym & cardio
-100+ Classes a week
-Free lockers and showers
-Personal attention
-Flexible membership plans

Fitness, eGym, & Cardio

Every new member at Femmegym starts at her own training level.  Since everyone is different and deserves a personalized experience in their fitness journey, Femmegym members can book a one-on-one appointment with one of our trainers. You can make an appointment for a health check, an eGym plan, or a Functional Fitness plan.

Health check (15 min)
A Health check consists of weigh-in and body composition analysis using the InBody 270 Body Composition Analyser. The InBody is no ordinary scale. In addition to measuring your weight, gives an extensive printed report on your body composition, detailing the content of your body’s fat, bone, protein, mineral levels, and water. Further, the InBody also details the constituents of your body weight more accurately than BMI (Body Mass Index) by giving an accurate picture of the changes in fat and muscle mass as you progress through your training program. This way we can closely advise on how you can reach your goals based on your activity levels, daily caloric intake, and lifestyle.

eGym (30 min)
eGym is a combination of 8 smart exercise machines for training the large muscle groups. During the eGym appointment, your instructor completes a one-time setup of all of the eGym equipment for you so that your personalized machine settings will be automatically stored in the system, such as your seat height, and the training weight needed to maximize your work out. The training weight is determined via a maximum strength test. The system ensures safe and efficient training for quick results. Within half an hour, you’ll have done a complete work out without waiting for machines and without your fitness routine going stale. During the training session, you’ll get training instructions via the personal touch display to help you execute each movement correctly and prevent injury. With eGym, you’ll train safe, fast, and easy.

Functional Fitness Plan (60 min)
During a Functional Fitness appointment, we’ll talk about your goals and make a plan for reaching them. Each personal fitness routine is packed with functional exercises and will ensure that your work outs are goal-oriented and effective. By challenging your muscles the right way, you’ll quickly burn fat and set your body up for shaping and strengthening. We’ll show you how to do it! Once we have made your plan and walked through it with you, then we’ll upload it in your FemmeGym app. In the app, your plan will be accompanied by computer animations that demonstrate each exercise so that you’ll always know what you have to do!


At FemmeGym, we offer more than 100 classes per week. You’ll find a broad range of classes on our schedule that follow the latest trends in the fitness industry. From yoga to spinning, kickboxing, pilates, there’s something for everyone! All classes are taught by certified instructors. Our classes are live with a real-live instructor (So, no virtual classes given by a computer-generated, or online instructor. We don’t believe in that) that deliver full-on personal attention so that you get the most out of your training. Our instructors will motivate and correct you as needed, and make sure that every time you walk in that you’ll train on the next level!

At FemmeGym, you can find mind and body classes such as Yoga, Pilates, and Barre; cardio classes such as spinning; and strength classes such as Bootcamp and Powershape. You can reserve your favorite classes online using our app.

Wanna see the schedule? Click here.

This work out is a combination of ballet and pilates packed into a high-energy class and set to great music. Barre will strengthen your core, improve your flexibility, and balance. This class is suitable for all ages; beginners and fitness veterans alike! And what’s also super cool is you don’t need to have been a ballerina to sign up! Nice, right?

Got some problem areas that you want to work on?
BBB (or in Dutch, Buik, Billen, Benen) is an accessible class where you work your largest muscle groups: legs, butt, and your core. The class consists of a simple warm-up and then you jump into strength-training exercises .

A FemmeGym favorite! Bodyshape is a fast-paced class that offers a combination of low and high impact exercises. This class trains both your large and small muscle groups, as well as focuses on conditioning and strengthening the body – ideal for those who want to really work up a sweat! Bodyshape is perfect for all fitness levels. Our instructors offer different options for each exercise, making it well suited for both beginners as well as more experienced exercisers.

Bootcamp is the class where you get to go all out and push yourself to your limits! In this work out, you’ll work up a sweat by switching between challenging strength and conditioning exercises. You will also do body weight exercises as well as exercises that use equipment, such as the battlerope, sandbags, and kettlebells. This class is suited for both beginners and more experienced exercisers!

Core and Stretch
Core and Stretch is a class that focuses on training your core (back, abs, and pelvic floor) and offers gentle stretches to improve your flexibility. In this class, you will stretch all the muscles in your body both safely and responsibly.

Essentrics is a rejuvenating work out with roots in Tai Chi and Ballet that makes use of dynamic stretches and fluid movements developed to improve your health and create balance. Essentrics employs strengthening techniques from ballet and the healing principles from physical therapy to lengthen and stretch the muscles and encourage a pain-free body. Essentrics is based on eccentric muscle contractions, which creates active tension of a muscle while at the same time, lengthening and stretching it.

HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a 45-minute workout consisting of a circuit of 10-12 exercises. Each exercise is short, intense, and explosive and ensures a high heart rate!

Kickfun is a class where you can vent your frustrations from your day – all on a kickbag. You learn different boxing and kicking techniques, some cool combinations, all to the beat of high-energy music. The boxing and kicking techniques burn fat, improve your conditioning levels, so you can blow off some steam and relax. You work together in pairs on each kickbag… this is a great class to do with your best friend!

Who wants to kickbox?? We offer kickboxing on our schedule 2x per week! In this class, we focus on your technique, and pay close attention to how you punch and kick, and with of course, lots of conditioning training thrown in between. With this class we also spar and make use of the punching bags. Kickboxing is great for improving your fitness levels, muscle mass, coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence.

Stiff as a board? Pilates is a work out consisting of floor exercises that promote muscle control, coordination, flexibility, and strength. It’s a work out that focuses on your core. Wanna strengthen your abdominal muscles and get as flexible as a pretzel? Then Pilates is perfect the workout for you!

Powershape is the work out for you if you’re not swayed by training with weights. This work out can be best described as strength training to music. With the help of a barbell accompanied by plates, you determine the intensity of your work out: the more plates you stack on, the more challenging it’ll become! Each part of the music corresponds with a certain movement and tempo. All muscle groups are trained during this class. Before taking Powershape, we suggest that you first follow other classes that teach the foundational movements, then you can get to work!

Ride is not just any spinning class – it’s a full body work out! In this class, you’ll train both your upper and lower body with the use of weights and push ups on the handlebars of the spinning bike. This is all done of course, to the beat of the music!

Are you looking for a class that pushes your comfort zone?
Spinning is group indoor cycling class set to the beat and rhythm of all kinds of music. The instructor encourages each participant to push their comfort zone in a challenging, and safe way that’ll make you work up a sweat and improve your fitness levels. This class is perfect for both beginners as well as more experienced exercisers. Remember – the first time in this class is very challenging, so don’t go all out!

Stepshape is a one-hour class consisting of challenging step choreography for the first half of the work out and full-body exercises for the last half. The use of the step in combination with different will raise your heart rate, making the class perfect for improving your conditioning levels. This class is great for experienced exercisers and challenging for beginners. Keep in mind that you might need to take a few classes to get used to all of the different step moves. Once you’ve got those down pat, you’re ready to go and have a super fun time!

Out of balance?
Yoga is a way to bring your body and mind in balance through different poses, bringing awareness to your breathing, and mental concentration.

  • Vinyasa Yoga
    Vinyasa is a yoga style inspired by Ashtanga. Like Ashtanga, the poses are fluid and flow consecutively one after the other with breaks. The difference is that in Vinyasa, there is no specific order between poses and the teacher has the freedom to develop a flow of poses for each class.
  • Yin Yoga
    Yin Yoga is a very relaxing yoga style. Most of the poses are performed lying down or seated and are held for a long time (anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes) to allow for as much relaxation as possible. This way, it gives your muscles a deep stretch that penetrates into your joints and connective tissue. You’ll feel a lot of space and opening up throughout your whole body from this yoga form. Yin Yoga is the opposite of the active “yang” yoga forms such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga.
  • Critical Alignment Yoga
    Got a stiff back, neck, or shoulders and looking for a class to release the tension? Critical Alignment Yoga is an effective and in-depth method that teaches how to let go of mental and physical tension in the body and bring back its resilience. During the class, we use various tools such as rubber strips or rolls to develop awareness and proper alignment of the body.
  • Kundalini yoga
    Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of consciousness. Not only does Kundalini Yoga give you more energy and raise your consciousness,  this yoga form can help you maintain inner calmness and grow as a person through the use of dynamic exercises combined with breath techniques.

Zumba is a high-energy dance work out set to the beats and moves of Latin music – it’s basically one big dance party in the studio! It’s primarily a cardio work out with an emphasis on dance and having a great time, of course!


Every Body has a story, let’s create yours!

At FemmeGym, we offer various memberships for you to choose from. It starts with selecting the type of membership, and then you can decide how you want to pay.

Type: Are you interested in taking classes? Then the “Unlimited” membership might be right for you. Prefer not to take classes? In that case, the “Essential” membership might suit your style better. In the overview below, you can see what you can do with each membership.

Payment Method: You have the option for direct debit. With this method, the membership fee will be debited from your account monthly. After the chosen minimum contract duration, the membership will automatically continue on a monthly basis and can be terminated monthly thereafter. In other words, you will need to cancel it yourself. Opting for prepaid? Then the membership will automatically end after the chosen minimum contract duration. When you click on “register” for each type of membership, you will see both payment methods listed.

Trial package

- 3 trial workouts of your choice within 3 weeks
- The trial package can be purchased once

Trial package 
€ 9,99 

Gym package
- Gym sessios
- eGym plan
- Health check

- Functional fitness plan
(only with large package)

Gym package
Small (3 sessions) € 33
Large (10 sessions) € 100

Class package
- Lessons at all locations

Class package
Small (3 classes) € 40
Large (10 classes) € 125


- Group classes: indoor & outdoor
- Fitness, eGym & cardio


- Group classes: 4 classes per week, more possible!
- Fitness, eGym & cardio: unlimited

Every 12 weeks:
- Health check
- eGym plan
- Functional Fitness plan


- Monthly debit
- Prepaid

Starting from €49.49 p/m 

Starting from €42.49 p/m 

Off Peak
Starting from €42.49 p/m 

Off-peak times:
Mon to Fri: 07:00 - 16:00
Sat & Sun: 12:00 - 16:00

-Fitness, eGym & cardio

- Fitness, eGym & cardio: unlimited

- Health check
- eGym plan
- Functional Fitness plan


- Monthly debit
- Prepaid

Starting from €37.49 p/m

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga focuses more on building awareness of your own body and the baby you’re carrying. The prenatal yoga classes consist of slow, relaxed movements, stretches, breathing exercises to promote deep relaxation. The classes are also designed to help participants develop better posture,  address common complaints during pregnancy, as well as teach how to cope with contractions during labor.

Mom in Shape
Mom in Shape is a weekly aerobic class for women who are pregnant, have recently given birth and for women who want to start exercising up to two years after giving birth. The training program focuses on building strength and endurance. We work on strengthening the large muscle groups and the pelvic floor muscles, all to music.

Opening times

Location Garage:
Monday         07:00 – 22:00
Tuesday         07:00 – 22:00
Wednesday   07:00 – 22:00
Thursday       07:00 – 22:00
Friday             07:00 – 22:00
Saturday         09:00 – 16:00
Sunday            09:00 – 16:00

Location Stomerij:
At FemmeGym’s Stomerij location (Jan van Galenstraat 96), we are open whenever classes are session. We open a half hour before the start of the first class until a half hour following the end of the last scheduled class.

We have abbreviated opening hours from 09:00 – 16:00 on the following holidays:
– 2nd day of Easter
– 2nd day of Pentecost
– 24th December (Christmas Eve)
– 31st December (New Year’s Eve)

We are closed on the following holidays:
– New Year’s Day
– 1st Day of Easter
– King’s Day
– Ascension Day
– 1st Day of Pentecost
– 1st Christmas Day (December 25th)
– 2nd Christmas Day (December 26th)

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